Tuesday, October 22, 2002

acknowledgement to Zaeem move to here

notes on 17 oct 02 uel circle

half way in re-organising my paper files, apparently i got lots of data to support design automation. if we want to give some valuable criticism to this field, we need at least equal amount of data. the data contains sound theoretical back-ups and lots of research articles about design automation: implementation of problem solving approach in architecture. so how come i didn't mention this in last seminar? i keep forgetting things. prolly robert can teach me his remembering techniques.

mm mmm and i'm looking forward to add bits of bloglinker code from Zaeem, so i can easily keep all these in the form of links rather than print outs. i never open any saved links in my pc, or in IE favorites: bcoz its so boring that way, not much help with my study. part of it bcoz i believe, i learn visually. i can't see the meaning, if i don't see them all.

i definitely need to review anderson's paper, problem worrying. i read it before, but it just doesn't make any sense since all i read was about the possibility to automate design and how those people had done it. thus, when robert argued so strong about it in the last meeting, he finally showed me that i may think of it as a probability rather than a fact; and with paul and robert both referring to anderson, i just feel that i had all the spirit again to search and search. this study suddenly becomes interesting, again, as once before.