Tuesday, June 10, 2003

following reading: the craft of research


from that page:

What is Research in Computing Science?
Chris Johnson
Glasgow Interactive Systems Group (GIST),
Department of Computer Science, Glasgow University,
Glasgow, G12 8QQ.

Tel: +44 141 330 6053
Fax: +44 141 330 4913

This paper argues that the expanding scope of `computing science' makes it difficult to sustain traditional scientific and engineering models of research. In particular, recent work in formal methods has abandoned the traditional empirical methods. Similarly, research in requirements engineering and human computer interaction has challenged the proponents of formal methods. These tensions stem from the fact that `Computing Science' is a misnoma. Topics that are currently considered part of the discipline of computing science are technology rather than theory driven. This creates problems if academic departments are to impose scientific criteria during the assessment of PhDs. It is, therefore, important that people ask themselves `What is Research in Computing Science' before starting on a higher degree.

This paper is intended as a high level introduction for first year research students or students on an advanced MSc course. It should be read in conjunction with Basic Research Skills in Computing Science

Keywords: research skills, computing science.


hi prof. Gero, how are you.

i've been looking around your site and publications.
it raised question in my mind, perhaps you could help.

first, the research field you're in is multi discipline, correct me if wrong. it is about architecture, the method is computing.

so how you help your student building the claim and evidence to support this, because architecture and computing is entirely different field? because from what i know, different field has different way to provide evidence.