Thursday, August 07, 2003

I will be in next monday. the meeting with prof smith is tuesday

the idea about the limbo world is to do with simulating simultaneity. because
the computer can only do one thing at a time we have a problem with moving
object A before object B has a look at it to decide which way it should move.
if we do a before b, then b's environment will have changed, if we do b
before a then a's environment has changed. in a system where the behaviour of
an object is dependent on its environment - other objects , then the order in
which you consider the objects will have a big effect on the global outcome.
in a ca, you get different patterns if you go top right down or bottom left

so the answer is to copy the universe, and freeze the present. all objects
are allowed to work out the next step based on this frozen present, but only
the copy is moved.

when you copy the universe back and process the objects they all move based
on the same present.

the difficulty you are having is probably lazy programming by me, directly
altering the limbo world in the sub - its a global array

i hope this is the right voronoi