Saturday, June 25, 2005


the problems:
1. the overall framework for agents' state changing and its impact to co-evolution
2. the same heading for spatial system, conjoin with the population state.
both done in a belief of CA as the procedure.

the essence of CA pull out: rules of state changing if surrounded by particular type of neighbours.

spatial system's CA conjoin with population state, where birth and death of agents interlink with each new emerging space.
in terms of mapping it, the grouping mapped onto either existing x or y.
a map onto y space seen as birth of agent, and thus a single permeable enclosure on space.
a map onto x space seen as possible birth and death, providing the rules abided. according to hillier's permeable space, only 2 types exists for this kind. new x that connects to an x which has connection to y, or new x with both connections to adjoin x and to y.

the birth rules as follows:
first type: new x (and thus new agent) allowed when a group map on a single permeable enclosure (ie. an x with connection to y only).
2n type: new x (new agent) allowed when a group map on each of single, adjoin cells which both have connection to y already.

death rules:
any occupational map not within above!