Sunday, October 27, 2002

Anderson's Problem Solving and Problem Worrying: summary

Problem Worrying is an antithesis to problem solving, instead of having confidence that every problem can be identified, and thus can be solved; one needs to try to understand more about the problem. what it needs to be done in design is a deeper understanding of the problem, continuously worry with the problem. with this cumulative knowledge of the problem, he/she then constructs the environment to support the success of human purposes, thru relating reformulation of problem to form.
Anderson model of architecture design process:
1. generalised understanding of the problem
2. production of various formal proposal
3. study of the implications of proposals
4. successive reformulation of problem and proposal
5. selection of form for its appropriateness to formulated problem
Anderson acknowledged that problem solving techniques which utilises a highly sensitive feedback mechanism within an appropriate domain is actually close to the idea of problem worrying.