Sunday, January 26, 2003

my head is everywhere since i finish the paper for egypt architecture education conference. not only i feel i didnt write it properly, the subject which is my online teaching, undergone major restructuring right when i wrote that paper.
well ok, just forget about that a moment. here goes the next plan on my research

subjects of my simulation (conf of space and conf of people) need to be goal-oriented. naturalist finding out rules, engineer creating rules. what are architects do? arent they more in the creating side? i read a speech of my mentor for his promotion to professor this week. he believes that architects create order in the environment, hence he said the environments are in chaos initially. try tell this to an ecologist or environmentalist, i bet they all say that architects are the ones who create chaos in the environments.

well, so that be it, the configurations need to be goal-oriented so far so they could function as entities with their own self-bla bla features (fill bla bla with all autopoietic characters). so ok, this will be achieve using intelligent agent platform, so we dont type in the program?! it is quite possible, i found out an article in jass analysing seven intelligent agent software specifically built for simulation. sadly, JAM is not in there. but i guess no worries, since swarm is included. i downloaded swarm software, its in tar gz, an extension file im not familiar with. it turns out to be a compression type, but more advance than zip.

swarm is java and/with C, while autoCAD havent develop java but microstation does. i search "java microstation" and it takes me right to the page on how to run javascript in microstation. i wonder if p have done this before. prolly not, because if he did, he wont insist in writing macros. but that's my guess, i had to asked him.