Thursday, December 19, 2002

space is the machine. *not* as living system interpreted as autopoietic machine. what sort? how to judge the model of space-agent interaction built based on autopoietic theory? the same question goes for social system. looking for the limit

autopoiesis understands living system as machine; autopoietic machine. the main characters of any autop machine are: autonomous (ie. operationally close) and coupled (ie. interactionally open). the frog retina case clearly shows what it means by observer in autop envi.

my problem: how to view autopoietic model of space-agent? first instance, they are not living system as in physical being sense.
hillier stated that space is the machine. what sort of machine, i will list its necessary character regarding this. and then compare this to first level of autopoiesis and then if there is, compare it to the next level (luhmann's autop social system could help identify next level of autop)