Saturday, November 09, 2002

i wanna know more about this, somebody wrote this ...Deleuze's philosophy has certain affinities with phenomenology, chaos theory, and autopoiesis...they had deleuze stared at you on that page, i thought i am lucky enough to have never met deleuze, he had such a charisma that i believe i dont like.

so i got to this page uhmmm critical studies (i like the title ehe) have to read this one: Vibrant cells: celullar automata, artificial life and autopoiesis (draft John Johnston)

i can see that deleuze's logic of difference, ie. the manner or the mode of assembling the world has a feature similar to what they called circularity in autopoiesis machine. so i guess, the parallel between phenomenology and deleuze is in defining observation as a process. i had to know more about this. and, with chaos theory... i don't have a clue.

What exactly is chaos? Put simply, it is the idea that it is possible to get completely random results from normal equations. Chaos theory also covers the reverse: finding the order in what appears to be completely random data.

creativity in the light of poststructural era; Deleuze's Ontology and Creativity: Becoming in Architecture (James Williams)specifically architecture!