Thursday, October 31, 2002

the problem of representation

i read Cillier, and i agree at quite many points. especially those arguments about modernist approach to complex system; we need theory before we program anything. i think i had tried to do this in the whole first year of my study, trying to identify the rules. through Cillier's i say that configurational theory of space is a modernist approach, a simplification of spatial problem. the theory may not be suitable as the basis for generative project. the unlimited layout/configuration possibilities and indefinite numbers of possible activities had ruled out space as simple problem.

however the big problem is that if architecture is complex, within connectionism perspective; it means we need as much complex program to model it. i personally believe that architecture is complex but not as complex as natural beings. architecture is artifact, from the beginning man had succesfully creates architecture, thus it must not be as complex as living things. so where is it? where to sufficiently analyse this?