Thursday, November 07, 2002

where autopoiesis fit in?

apparently, autopoiesis with enactive-cognitive framework had been claimed as the alternative from both formal and connectionism (ai terms: or cognitivism and emergence in philosophical terms). concise determinitive criteria and explanations is here, to identify an autopoieitic machine.
1. if the unity has identifiable boundaries via interactions within
2. if there are constitutive elements of the unity, ie. components of the unity
3. if the unity is a mechanistic system, ie. the components properties are capable of satisfying certain relations that determine in the unity the interactions and transformations of these components
4. if the components that constitute the boundaries of the unity constitute these boundaries through preferential neighborhood relations and interactions between themselves, as determined by their properties in the space of their interactions
5. if the components of the boundaries of the unity are produced by the interactions of the components of the unity, either transformation of previously produced components, or by transformations and/or coupling of non-component elements that enter the unity through its boundaries
6. if all the other components of the unity are also produced by the interactions of its components as in 5., and if those which are not produced by the interactions of other components participate as necessary permanent constitutive components in the production of other components

Maturana quoted disagree on implementation of autopoiesis to social problems, here are difficulties implementing autopooiesis to social problem listed by Mingers 1995. On the other side, here's the bridge of that implementation provided by Niklas Luhmann theory of Social System in his case for communications.