Thursday, November 07, 2002

yesterday was quite good. i think chris has a natural way of giving lecture, although its not the best one i've ever seen. the material are questionable though; since (i think) i question anything now, don't bother! for ex. he seems quite sure about ANN manages to model the working of brain, while not trying to go into details difficulties and drawbacks of learning part. also the kind of ANN and what particular things could be state with it in his example (when he talks about the 3 yrs old project). i also noticed some mechanistic belief of how evolution works, ie. through optimalisation. and eyh, aren't they all do this? GA for optimalisation problem?

the mvba, as i expected, was a seed lecture. i knew my problem from the beginning of this project, that i will try to create complex program skipping the basic. ok ok, i will try simple things now.

i talked to paul about his belief in the simple rules generates complex structures. eh ey its very naive of me, but i need to ask him so i know what to go next. so he was saying, he's still one of the proponent! why? because architecture is prolly not complicated at all, but the problem with architecture is that while having quite similar structure, there are many alternatives available. hmmmmm hmmm i need sometime to understand this and put it in the bigger picture. paul also said something about sensitive feedback, i agree because that's anderson spirit in architecture and also holland's cgp-v.