Tuesday, February 04, 2003

i called paul last friday, and he advised to redefining the proposal, and the structure of my research. about the proposal, the aim certainly atm had to changed since no philosophical work has been done to identify or even consider an automatable architecture design. i consider this as an issue for me to continue my research in this field, its like the big question in a very big gap practical environment. design architecture automation is like on the opposite far side of what recently considered automatable when just refering to the nature of of it. this is what i got from oct 17, 02 meeting.

about the structure of research, i need to devise what to do now. what i want to do now is to explain what is classifier system to p, because i believe i can use this for my research experiments.

classifier system, as it named is something that classifies. what's it classifies? it classifies inputs from environment to enable itself as a system to learn about the system and how this learning could be use to optimal its existence. ok, for example a frog has to survive in an environment, the original reading is here. what it has to do is to eat the right food by identifying which food available and choose the right one to eat. the right food (ie. something the programmer will have to know preconceptually) is small flying insects