Tuesday, November 11, 2003

form generator: computer game SPLINE SURFING


from that page

This is the report of the development of the 3d multi-user experience we, the auhors [1] , have been researching and developing this game from january to june 2003 for the Hyperbody research group[2] at TUD [3] , The Netherlands.

Our aim for this research was not to create a perfectly working form generator, neither did we try to create an environment that would specifically suited different expertises. We did try do make a game that enables muliple users to communicate and think about form, or architecture.

The actual release of the game, although it is a result of monts of research and development, is in fact the start of the research process. We hope this idea, of the software, will be prolonged and researched further in order to become a more mature designing tool.

We would like to acknowledge the help of our tutor, Oscar Rommens, the entire Hyperbody group and everyone involved in the process: Hans Hubers, prof. Kas Oosterhuis, Christian Friedrich, Misja van Veen and Walter Hop.

the authors are :
Marcus Buijtenweg, TU Delft bk no, m.buijtenweg@bk.tudelft.nl
Chris Kievid, TU Delft bk no, c.kievid@bk.tudelft.nl
Thijs Leydens, TU Delft bk515160, f.m.i.leijdens@bk.tudelft.nl