Friday, March 26, 2004

for the past couple of weeks i keep thinking to write down a critical review to charles jencks cosmogenesis, and his analysis about le corbus' role on complexity in architecture.

why think, not yet write?

i met charles jencks when i was a student at university of indonesia, part of welcoming committee of his worldwide campaign for the architecture of the jumping universe
what i remember about him, that he was very concern with copyrights, that he didnt want any of us to copy his book. little that he knew copies were my only access to study architecture being in (seemingly) *poor country. the next thing about him that i remember the most was his advice when i asked what he thinks of women working in architectural enterprises; that i should just concentrating on finishing my undergrad study, and move on from there.

being alot older now, i might understand a glimpse of cynicsm of his answers and advices.

i'm not whinning, but people do prejudice. not complaining too, wats important to me is how i could handle it, and turning it into a positive drive.

charles jencks, he's a big man read what they say about him. if i do the review, i must be very careful, this i'm worry about. not being careful enough.