Monday, December 01, 2003

ramas thesis is on the swiki. you should read IL 39 (institute of lightweight
structures - its all about unplanned settlements and bubbles

the point about bubbles is that they want to equalise the pressure . bibber
bubbles have more pressure because they have more air in. the optimal close
packing of deformable spheres is dodecahedral is all spheres have the same
amount of air in. this close packing is of course a 3d voronoi diagram.

the question is what is the air modelling? ie why are some bubbles bigger
than others. rama has a 3d voronoi that you can play with i think.

as for your other q. i dont get why we need to calculate the centre of
bubbles ( i thought that the voronoi cells were based on the agents? anyway
there are a range of algorithms to determine the centroid of a polygon, the
simplest one being a kind of averaging system - same for 3d. much like
calculating the centre of gravity of an irrecular body - just calculate
moments . i would need to look this up.

BTW i was hunting about for images for the mit paper and came across several
papers on using agents to assess spatial organisation not all of them from
CASA. have a look on google for "ISOVISTS" and other topics (mr peponis is
still working away you will find)

hope your feast and congregation went ok - i am currently staying at home
because of a 'fluey throat so our todays meeting would be off anyway.