Thursday, September 23, 2004

in focus?

dont you feel special when somebody actually read your rubbish?

now, this is eachainn who reads Wolfram's New Kind of Science, i believe he asked what is it about that book, and i remember to reply that especially chapter 2 and how Wolfram had argued about randomness.

eachainn (23/09/2004 01:52:56): I liked his notion that continuous numbers do not exist in reality; also that randomness is very bounded; if the universe evolves by simple rules, then only a very small proportion of possible configurations can be visited.

so, i have to reply to him now, offering wider discussions.

eachainn (24/09/2004 03:21:55): I find I can't write a brief reply to your question; maybe I shouldn't have turned to it at 3am Maybe I should start a blog; I've thought about it a few times. I'm Iain MacKay; I'm an IT consultant, specializing in software. Web site at My eldest (23) child is a sculptor and she has an interest in mathematics and physics.