Tuesday, February 18, 2003

ck new color scheme... ok now lets go on to the bizzzzz


Classifier system is a kind of genetic algorithms which is mechanically simple. It only involves in generating random number, copying string and exchanging part of string.
Any system whose survival means to respond correctly on inputs from its surroundings can use CS, because what CS does is to classify these inputs and then choose appropriate action based on collection of identified behavior patterns.
These patterns should be frame (knowledge representationally) so as to express them as rules, ie. IF THEN . There could be more than one condition and more than one action, in so far those have logical symbol (AND, NAND, OR, etc). Cross check the rules is important so logic of patterns match, sometimes we need to use # (don't care symbol) to achieve this.


so which system survival to which? there are three scenarios:
1. space as the system surviving from people/vice versa. this means one CS for space.
2. space and people survive each other. this could mean two CSs, one each for people and space.
3. an outside system which wanting to survive from space and people. this means one outside (people and space) CS. what? yes, a CS which classify both subjects actions and then react. outside system could be driven by observer, or by computer/the CS itself.

from design point of view, i am inclined to identify the context as number 1.
the reason is obvious, any design which can't socially function's not worth the process.
we can implement first level, and perhaps also the second level, of Hillier's generic functions.
context 2 is an ideal model. its like us and our earth type-of-thing, a Godless frame.
context 3 i just thought about it a wee bit, i have to come back to explain this.


space has only one goal, to enable first level of generic function within. ie. to let people occupy it, move about it and suit intelligibly for them.
1. swarm algorithm means agent is seeing (agents and space), following (to walk to specific target), engaging (with space and also with other agent) which means not moving for sometime.
2. alpha syntax algorithm will need redefinition, because it will act based on what CS told it to do. so, it will generate spaces one at a time, according to agent's action.


1. an agent; besides following each other (which don't mean they die if they don't follow any agent at any moment), they have to be attaracted to space. attraction to space can be use for enforcing character: die if they are not inside any space.
2. space needs to keep all agents alive all the time; production of space-cell always according to what agents do at any moment.


1. start with one space-cell.
2. run agents.
3. CS identify agent's action, tell space to grow accordingly.
4. grow more cell/s.
5. back to 3.