Thursday, February 27, 2003

at poly atm, waiting if david cud help with registering my ethernet card today.

here's a picture of voronoi method of spatial analysis in action.
taken from p.73 a+t 19 Spring 2002

                    urban application of voronoi method    the magazine

its a very nice application of voronoi method to real spatial problem, in this case, urban scale. they (people who develop KaisersRot software) quite confident about it for enabling the generation of urban plan which is based wholly on community demand p.74.

about voronoi method, here's different sort of applications

so p asked me to start by choosing which sort of geometry it will be for the project. this comes down to two choices, orthogonal or free form.
voronoi more likely be the method to go on if i choose free form geometry. if orthogonal, perhaps shape grammar is sufficient.
having listen to p and read abit more, i think free form by voronoi is more interesting to try.

and about the structural relationship between objects in simulation, again, i sense that p wants to push forward to coevolutionary model. which i agree, of course.
but my personal opinion, is at the moment, it will be suitable to try to evolve spatial configuration based on human animat, and let human animat not-evolving. until i managed to develop this, i think i dont mind to go on with coevolutionary model.

some metaphysical assumption also has to be decided to somewhat direct the evolution to 1. evolving into a rave, large one cell type of form, or 2. into a kind of monastery, ie. one cell per each agent. on which i think spatial configuration is something in between. the victorian plum tree story is interesting because it can be used to direct evolution into something we suspect it will be. if more fruit and less branching is the sort of fitness that gardeners looking for, perhaps that we could also find in what range spatial configuration is; in between those extremes.

at some point this week i have to be able to decide human animat modus operandii, in which should be very simple.

days to consider for regular meeting:
monday & tuesday, after lunch because morning with tara.
friday afternoon dont clash with anything.