Thursday, February 20, 2003

p's verdict on my page SCARY *LOL* what's scary; color coordination or those notes i put down in here?

from p 11.24
i had a look at your weblog last night - its really scary!
I have decided that all this talk of classifier systems is a complete red
herring - all evolutionary algorithms can be classifier systems if they want
cant they? anyway its about time you started doing some real work and then
we can work out whats what.

i agree with lets do some work (this means, the programming bits... it hasnt started ...*sigh*)
perhaps is a red herring, but anyway it gives me clear idea how to use EA to do something.
me personal opinion, it answers encoding a problem, then using it as string and do evolutionary procedure with it.
and its because based on classic if-then rules, CS release us from problem of decoding the string/what to do after reproduction.
i agree all EA can be CS, simply because CS is how we use EA.

p, join the blog!! your comments'r surely welcome